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It’s been a long time..

Huahhh… finally i can write to my blog again.. it’s been more than a year that i couldn’t post any article. That’s caused by my full time job as well as my freelance job. Now, i’m having more leisure time to do it 🙂 .

So… many things i have done in the last year, i have been joining Ruby on Rails projects in my office. I have been learning deeper day by day, although the migration from .Net technologies was very confusing. Meanwhile, i did maintenance for a project that has already been in production. They asked me to add new feature also do bug fixing. Sometimes, their requirements were like a magic. It’s more like i had to finish a big task without breaking the whole existing functionalities. Luckily, we always find solution to break the gap between me and my client. Why did i accept their offer ? Of course i accepted that one since the rate was good.. hah.. 😛

A little thing about the migration: previously when i worked in .Net, i had to declare the data type for the variable 😛 , but now… i don’t even need that one.. hah. 😀 . Although, i have to do it when doing Javascript thing..

I can’t say that Ruby is better than .Net, both are good for each purpose. But for now, i tend to use open source technologies.

Let me give an example, when we want to build simple apps then i prefer to use Ruby on Rails. We can also use Ruby on Rails for big apps though. However, we should do it with micro-services approach 🙂 . Because it’s clearer, cleaner, and easier for maintenance.

Hopefully, i can share you about micro-services stuffs. Additionally, i would prefer to learn some new things i haven’t touched like Ember JS, Messaging Technology, AWS stuffs and many more.. 🙂

And.. of course i’ll share it here.. 😎



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