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It’s been a long time..

Huahhh… finally i can write to my blog again.. it’s been more than a year that i couldn’t post any article. That’s caused by my full time job as well as my freelance job. Now, i’m having more leisure time to do it 🙂 .

So… many things i have done in the last year, i have been joining Ruby on Rails projects in my office. I have been learning deeper day by day, although the migration from .Net technologies was very confusing. Meanwhile, i did maintenance for a project that has already been in production. They asked me to add new feature also do bug fixing. Sometimes, their requirements were like a magic. It’s more like i had to finish a big task without breaking the whole existing functionalities. Luckily, we always find solution to break the gap between me and my client. Why did i accept their offer ? Of course i accepted that one since the rate was good.. hah.. 😛

A little thing about the migration: previously when i worked in .Net, i had to declare the data type for the variable 😛 , but now… i don’t even need that one.. hah. 😀 . Although, i have to do it when doing Javascript thing..

I can’t say that Ruby is better than .Net, both are good for each purpose. But for now, i tend to use open source technologies.

Let me give an example, when we want to build simple apps then i prefer to use Ruby on Rails. We can also use Ruby on Rails for big apps though. However, we should do it with micro-services approach 🙂 . Because it’s clearer, cleaner, and easier for maintenance.

Hopefully, i can share you about micro-services stuffs. Additionally, i would prefer to learn some new things i haven’t touched like Ember JS, Messaging Technology, AWS stuffs and many more.. 🙂

And.. of course i’ll share it here.. 😎



Latte Can’t be Late


Haiii.. Latteee….. Syaalala..lalalala… (absurd bgt gw..) 😀 . Yup, kali ini gw lagi pengen posting absurd aja. Ada yang tahu apa itu latte? pasti ada yang nebak itu temen si jengkol ya.. (eh itu pete..), bukan.. itu salah satu jenis kopi, dan ini bikin gw lumayan ketagihan. Banyak orang yang bingung bedain antara latte dan espresso, rada mirip sih cuma latte agak sedikit soft karena dominan rasa susu’nya (walaupun mpe’ saat ini gw gak tahu yang dipake’ susu apa, yang pasti bukan susu kuda liar). Latte sendiri di Eropa konon katanya (sorry gw belom pernah survey ke sana) lebih digemari oleh anak-anak ataupun anak muda belia. Dan latte ini kalau di tambah coklat bakalan jadi mocca. 🙂 Silahkan dicoba, jangan di tambahkan soda, detergen, ataupun sisa bumbu mie instan, cukup coklat aja.

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Welcome Ramadhan, But I Miss Ramadhan When I was Child


Marhaban Ya Ramadhan, I’ll not use English on this category because of it will GAK SERU when i’m not using NYLENEH words. 😀
Semua orang tahu lah Ramadhan paling di tunggu banyak orang. Khususnya bagi anak kost’an yang suka cari takjil (termasuk saya) hahaha.. 😀 . Tapi jujur, kami anak kost’an gak cari makanan gratis tapi yang penting kebersamaan (Alibi) 😛 .

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