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C# .Net Understanding Ref and Out keyword Part 1


Hello.. I ‘m so sorry that i can’t keep my promise to write article every week, it’s because i was little bit busy on few weeks ago, don’t worry.. i realize about that ūüėÄ . And this time, i’m going to explain about two .Net simple keywords, that maybe some of us don’t care about how to use it. Do you remember the data types fundamental¬† on .Net? Yup, that’s value types and reference types.

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C# .Net Example of Basic OOP Implementation


Ahhh.. finally i have time to write again after took long leave days. I hope next week i can pay all of my debt (tutorial every week) ūüėÄ . This time i will share you the basic Object Oriented implementation in C#. I believe people who use .Net understand the basic of OOP, but most people don’t utilize all of the advantage of OOP. Have you tried to use aggregation? Have you tried to use abstraction? Have you tried to use interface? If you are not, it’s the good time to you to get new knowledge about that. I have written an example of C# console program that make you easier to understand, once you debug this code will give you better knowledge in OOP.

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Django Framework Quick Blog Tutorial


After we have¬†Python and Django on our environment, why we are not trying to create a¬†project. That will make us easier to understand the basic knowledge in how Django works. This framework is looking different for me, since i’ve been getting¬†familiar¬†with ASP MVC, Laravel or Codeigniter. But when i¬†tried¬†Django, i¬†was thinking¬†wow it’s really out of my mind, i never see the framework like this, usually the MVC framework separated into Model, View, and Controller,¬†but in Django we call controller in The other thing, in Laravel¬†the views page (html) are using blade engine, therefore you will have html file with extension page.blade.php, either in¬†Rails you will have extension page.html.rb. But in Django you will never see something like that, your html will be html without need to add¬†another¬†extension, and¬†i think it’s¬†cool and ¬†very clean.

I have¬†tried to find the tutorial in how to create¬†some project using Django that i think it will make me easier to understand, and finally i found the screencast tutorial on Youtube in¬†how to create Django blog in 16 minutes by Arun Ravindran. Thank’s to Mr. Arun for this awesome tutorial. ūüėÄ

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