Mongo DB Installation on WAMP Server Windows Environment


This time i’ll explain how to install Mongo DB on Windows Environment, Mongo DB can be installed on several OS those are Linux, Mac, and Windows. Since i’m using Wamp Server as multi packages for Apache, PHP, and MYSQL, i’ll also explain an example to add Mongo DB as PHP Extension and the simplest way to run Mongo DB service on Windows.

Prerequisite : Wamp Server is already installed on your Windows (Version wampserver2.5-Apache-2.4.9-Mysql-5.6.17-php5.5.12-32b)

Installation :

Now, Lets get the ball rolling :

1st. First, we have to download the latest build Mongo DB on MongoDB Official, download the zip file for version Windows 64-bit 2008 R2+ legacy(Version 3.0.1).

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C# .Net Understanding The Basic of Generic (Class and Method)


Hi Guys.. I know some of you already use .Net languages such as VB, C#, F#, or etc. But have you already known about the Generic? have you already utilized the Generic? if you’re not, that means you have to know about this right know. This new namespace already introduced on Version 2.0 of the .NET Framework, it has many advantages once you use it, those are reusability and efficiency.  With Generic we can use data type as parameter, as for example you can send parameter with data type int, string, object and other data types, then Generic will understand your parameter as we specify when we call Generic class or method. Generic is consist of Generic class and method. Maybe we already utilized Generic in ArrayList but we don’t realize that we already used Generic class 😀 , and now it’s time to get better knowledge.

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ASP MVC CRUD Using JQuery Ajax and Entity Framework Part 2 (Creating The Repository, Service, and MVC Controller)


Hey guys, sorry for the lateness since i have been implementing new PHP Framework for 3 weeks. Next time i’ll explain about that PHP Framework 😀 . Now lets continue to create CRUD using Jquery Ajax and Entity Framework. After we have data table User in our database that i have explained in the First Part, now we are going to create Repository layer, Service layer and Presentation Layer. But this time i’ll only explain MVC Controller for presentation layer.

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