MySQL Force Table Name into Case Sensitive

In MySQL the tables automatically will be stored into lowercase. I found this problem when i tried to use ORM feature in a PHP Framework. Simply to fix this problem just add some codes into your my.ini file on your MySQL directory. For example if you are using WAMP, the file is located in this directory C:\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql[Version].
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ASP MVC CRUD Using JQuery Ajax and Entity Framework Part 1 (Creating The Entity Framework Code First Migration)


To learn a technology, better we try to create the basic mechanism in storing and managing data such as CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) First, it will help us to find the way how to get familiar with the code and at least we know the basic knowledge of it. And finally i’ve finished to create this example of using some of technologies that i really like. This time I’m using these technologies :

  • ASP MVC 4
  • Entity Framework Code First
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3
  • JQuery

This blog post is for who don’t know how to get and post request using Ajax in ASP and want to know how the mechanism of Entity Framework in C#. There are 3 types of Entity Frameworks : Code First, Database First, and Model First. You can follow this link to find the differences and each advantages among those Entity Framework types.
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JQuery Several Ways to Filter an Array by Child Array

JQuery Array

There are many ways to filter an array, but we have to consider on the function performance. It might be not take an impact in short data, but it’ll in long data. Imagine if we have to manage many data collections in client site, the browser will be slow to render your web page or the user will be bored to wait the loading (until your data has been managed). The important thing is not only to consider the performance, but also to find the easiest way to use.

Before we try several ways to filter an array, we need the array data first. Each array data consist of parent and child element. Here is the code preparation :

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