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Python and Django Installation on Windows Environment


It’s been along time i’m not writing tutorial on my blog, since i’m struggling to learn some languages those are Python and Ruby, and also i’ve learned some frameworks of them those are Django and Rails. Why?? i have two reasons to answer that question, first i’ve assigned to do self learning on my office, and the second one i’m curious on that. This time i’m talking about Python, I think Python language has a good code structure because we have to careful in writing Python code, in fact the indentation take an effect to the interpreter, our codes will be compiled error if we are wrong to set the indentation. But the advantage is our codes will be structured and it will be easier to read. It will be easy to write Python codes if you have a good IDE that has formater feature for python. But now, i’m going to give you the way to install Python and Django on your windows machine. Django is one of the framework that using Python as a base language and I think Django is the most popular one than the others.

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